The old familiar itch

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

I think I might understand, Mr or Ms Business Buyer.

You did all the right, safe things: you bought your home, maybe an investment property in a good area, maybe a solid index fund as well. And still, 2020 comes along and the cycle trashed their value on you.

You know you’re on a good salary and everyone thinks you should be grateful for it (especially now), but somehow, after years of loyalty and dozens or hundreds of early mornings and late nights, it’s starting to ring a bit hollow.

You’ve caught yourself looking at businesses for sale a few times and your people have talked you out of starting a sideline business. You’re wanting something in your life that YOU have control over.

There’s an itch in you that you haven’t been able to scratch and it’s getting hard to ignore.

Sound familiar? Send me a DM, let’s fix that itch.

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