Value Controller Aptitude Test

I personally have been offered several businesses.

When an owner recognises a person from a younger generation who is capable of identifying the value of a business, grow it and help them exit successfully, they are often quite keen to hire them. 

There is a concept known as Value Gain Share. Let's say there is a business worth $1M today. If you are in a position to help the owner of that business double its value and sell it successfully, and take 20% of the "Value Gain," that's a cheque of $200,000 for you and an extra $800,000 for them in retirement. It's a very win/win way of going about things. 

People say value growth is a science and art. But I think it is more than that: it's an actual role. After 15 years of looking after business owners (and 8 specifically in the field of exit planning) I am convinced that there are many organisations which need a "Value Controller" as badly as they need a "Financial Controller." Someone whose priority (and the bulk of their remuneration) is to drive that valuation upward and smooth the exit. 

To that end, I have put together a test I call the Value Controller Aptitude Test.

120 questions, 10 areas of expertise. 

You can take the test and get your score for free. 

I can also make a 17 page report available to you and a personalised, phone session to go over your results (fees apply). 

Send me an email at and I'll get you set up. 

The sections:

  1. Business definitions

  2. Systems IQ

  3. Common business structures

  4. Products v marketing outfits

  5. Emotional IQ

  6. Pitch IQ

  7. Management IQ

  8. Finance IQ

  9. Exit IQ

  10. Digital IQ

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